What is a jock strap ?

A jockstrap or jock-strap is an undergarment intended only for men.

The jockstrap is an undergarment only for men.

It was invented in the United States by Charles Bennett in 1874, founder of the Bike brand which still produces clothing and small sports equipment.

It is composed of a front pocket allowing a good maintenance of the genital organs, a broad elastic belt and two lateral elastics leaving the bare buttocks. It is possible to introduce a shell, in order to protect the genital organs, during the practice of sports at risk, the jockstrap is then equipped with a front pocket specially arranged to add a shell. It enhances the penis and testicles.

The jockstrap is used as an undergarment.

The jockstrap, equipped with a pocket allowing the addition of a shell (soft or hard) is mainly used by athletes during the practice of violent contact sports such as American football, ice hockey, boxing, martial arts or rugby and cricket. This version of the jockstrap (called hard cup or soft cup in the United States) is used throughout the world.

The jockstrap without rigid protection is the most widespread model. It is widely used by North American athletes for intensive athletic sports such as football (soccer for North Americans), running, tennis and sprinting. Used for athletics, this undergarment offers the best compromise currently available between testicular support, heat dissipation, minimized friction due to a reduced tissue surface and minimal resistance to body movement.

This technical underwear is becoming more popular in Europe mainly among English athletes who use it for rugby and cricket. However, some athletes do not hesitate to use it in its athletic version (without shell).

The main jockstrap brands are Calvin Klein, Bike, Protex, Safetgard, Adidas, Duke, McDavid, Puma, PPÜ, Andrew Christian, Bauer, Reebok, Misiion, Itech, ES, Justin Case, Addicted, AussieBum and Pump.

It is found in France under the name”slip- shell” when worn with a shell or”jockstrap”. However, the English word jock-strap is essential because it is well in the English-speaking countries that it is very used and that it was invented.

The jock-strap is used in certain sports where it is essential (ice hockey, boxing, handball…)

The jockstrap is proposed by some lingerie manufacturers in very varied versions to be worn daily by men.