Mens sexy Jockstrap

At a time when men are more and more open about underwear, close-up on an American underwear, shared by athletes and gays far from unanimous: the jockstrap.

Do you know the jockstrap? Originally, it was an undergarment worn by American athletes. Then he was adopted by the gays. Today, many people wear it, either because they are sporty or because they like sexy clothes.

Also called jock or simply jock, this American underwear, is composed of a pocket allowing the maintenance of the genitals, a broad belt and two elastics leaving the buttocks bare. It is possible to introduce a shell to effectively protect the genital organs in the context of a more or less violent sport: boxing, ice hockey, rugby…

Male underwear plays the originality card. Many are considered sexy and among them the jockstrap. Some men choose to wear it to be comfortable or to energize their couple. Its slightly sulphurous side explains why it has long been the favourite undergarment of gays.

But today, even heterosexuals, either because they are athletic or because they want to spice up their couple and their anatomy, offer themselves this type of underwear.

Why do athletes use the jockstrap?

About 20% of athletes would put on a jockstrap when they play sports. This suggests that it is an undergarment particularly well suited to the practice of sport. Half the American baseball players seem to have adopted it. We also know that it is popular with fans of weight training, rugby or joggers. In short, here is a sports underwear that does not refuse naughty moments.