Mens jockstrap underwear

Originally, the jock strap was created to protect the genitals of cyclists, the”bicycle jockey”.

One should therefore not say a jack strap but a jock strap, or, to honour Molière’s tongue, a”jock strap”.

It was thus invented in Boston in 1874, by C.F. Bennett, a young man deciding to come to the rescue of the poor abused organs of high-level cyclists. The first model was to be strictly an athletic fabric support.

Rumour has it that it took until 1927 to integrate a shell, a learned Canadian contribution that wished only the well-being of the crotch of its hockey players.

BIKE, Bennett’s company, is still functional and has sold over 300 million jockstraps to date. The models are now available in different cuts and different colors to combine comfort and coquetry.

Competition is now present in the field of genital protection.

And that, Jeremiah Raber, ultimate fight fan become entrepreneur, understood it well. While Bennett cared about cyclists, Raber cared deeply about UFC champions, including George St-Pierre, whom he cites as inspiration.

You will understand that to protect the crotch of our GSP, the 38-year-old American had to take great measures.

The American entrepreneur therefore decided to stand out by making the first bulletproof jock strap, the Nutshellz.

Its two models, Level I for athletes and Level II for the military, are now available for $80 and $140. To make sure of a great visibility, Jeremiah Raber put on line a video become viral, where, thanks to his product, he literally takes a shot between the two legs. A man dedicated to the cause.