Male jockstrap

The jockstrap, what an amazing underwear! At the sight of his disconcerting cut… who would believe that it is the most manly of men’s underwear? And yet, the jockstrap is the only underwear reserved for men. The jockstrap is also the favorite underwear of American footballers!
Still little known in France, the jockstraps are nevertheless promised a bright future. Menalso has selected for you jockstraps with sporty and sexy lines that bring a breath of freshness and non-conformity to men’s underwear!

Etymologically, jockstrap comes from the contraction of jockey and jumper. The name of this undergarment is directly related to its history since it was created in 1874 in Chicago by C. F. Bernett, an employee of the Sharp & Smith company that marketed cycling goods. In a few years, the jockstrap for men became the reference for cycling underwear and its creator decided to launch the

Biker Web Company (then Biker Company) which would become the leader on the jockstrap market until today. The history of the jockstrap is thus intimately linked to that of sport.
If today many brands have declined this product under different colors, materials or cuts, the very structure of the underwear remains unchanged. It is a belt, most often elastic, to which are attached: a support pocket located at the front of the jockstrap and which will accommodate the genitals and two lateral elastics which thus leave the buttocks bare. The pouch may contain a shell to protect the genitals for the most violent sports such as American football or some combat sports.

The jockstrap is popular with all types of athletes because it remains the best compromise between maintaining the intimate parts, evacuating heat and limiting friction generated by wide movements.

Today many brands have reappropriated the sexy jockstrap and have declined it into more urban cuts, bright colors and developed in silkier materials than cotton but the sportivity that emanates from this underwear is still preserved.

Largely taken up by the gay community, considered as a sexy underwear, suggestive and source of fantasy, it remains nevertheless, the most pleasant underwear to wear and to this day, still, without female equivalent.