Jockstrap blog

The jockstrap is an underwear exclusively reserved for men since there is no female equivalent to date.

It was invented in the United States by Charles Bennett in 1874, founder of the Bike brand which still produces clothing and small sports equipment.

The jockstrap consists of a front pocket allowing a good maintenance of the genitals, a broad elastic belt and two lateral elastics which leave the bare buttocks.

Some models are equipped with a front pocket specially designed to accommodate a shell (soft or hard) that protects from shocks when playing contact sports (football, ice hockey, rugby, boxing, martial arts…).

The models without rigid protection are rather intended for the sportsmen practising athletics because the jockstrap still offers today the best compromise for the maintenance, the evacuation of heat, the reduction of the zones of friction while supporting a great freedom of movement.

This technical underwear is being democratized and worn by men who do not necessarily practice sports activities but who appreciate its cut and comfort, that is why some brands now offer sexy models.