Jock strap story

My story began in the United States in 1897. Charles Bennett, 18, is a baseball receiver for the Savannha Red Barons in Georgia.

During a match, a throw escaped him to reach him in the so-called sensitive parts of a man. Ouch and ouch cried Charles in pain. His coach immediately applied a large bag of ice to Charles’ sensitive area, as was customary at the time.

The pain lasted for hours and Charles was afraid of losing his manhood forever. His voice, contrary to popular belief, did not change. But it hurt in titi!

Charles then had the idea of creating a protector for this part of the body exposed to shocks. But how can we avoid overemphasizing male attributes, which would scandalize the populace?

Protect, yes, but exhibit”that” as they say, never. Let us not forget that we are in a puritan country… in 1897.

Bennett tried various types of materials but it was too big, too heavy. One day he saw his mother boiled eggs with a small plastic appliance. We would put the eggs in these little plastic shells and boil them.

Here’s the idea. A shell that would discreetly protect you know what… He stole a shell from his mother and tried to fix it on his family jewels with ropes but it was uncomfortable, the shell slipped and irritated him. It wasn’t working, but it wasn’t working at all.

Charles abandoned his idea until he met Jock Strapper, a worker at a textile factory in Whitby, a suburb of Savannha.

Charles exposed his project to his old friend Jock who exclaimed:

“It’s simple Charles. We take underpants, we sew a pocket inside and we put a plastic shell inside.” You should have thought of that!

Charles was delighted. After several attempts, the famous protective shell was born. The device was named Jock-strap, in honor of the one who helped Charles improve his invention.

Charles and Jock sold thousands of protective shells. Thanks to them, the athletes were able to protect their precious good.