Boy in Jockstrap

Do you know the jockstrap? It is an original underwear for men made up of a band, a pocket of support and two elastic bands which make it possible to go up the buttocks. Very practical and comfortable to do sport, it is also part of the sexy range of men’s lingerie allowing totally bare buttocks to appear.

Jockstrap for men is available in several materials such as cotton or bamboo and is available in many colours. Pistol Pete’s Concord jock strap combines the jock strap and its push up effect with a wide elastic band that encircles the waist and underlines the shapes while sheathing them. In a more fantasy version and of the same brand, there is the Tease jock strap with its transparent veil which will make sensation for sure or the Igor jock strap of Barcode very sexy with its lace at the front.

boy in jockstrap