How to choose Jockstrap

Jockstraps are very critical protective under garments in contact sports. This is especially with male athletes who participate in very vigorous sporting activities like skating, basketball, football or rugby. Such sporting conditions may be a risk to your penis and testicles. Therefore, the jockstraps can provide additional support to these sensitive parts of your genitals. This is even better because with the recent advancements in technology, the experts have worked towards inventing the cupped jockstraps that offer even safer protection of your groin.

All in all, it can be such an uphill task to decide which jockstrap is best suited for you. This is because there is a whole diverse variety to pick from. That being the case, this article will be aimed at helping you to select the best jockstrap for you. This will be in consideration of how much protection you need, your age as well as the body mass.

Easy steps that could help you choose the right Jockstrap

Besides providing protection from injuries, jockstraps should be comfortable and easy to wear for a long periods of time. There are many different occasions when you can wear jockstraps other than during sports. This includes your normal days to the office, to the gym or during the romantic evening dinner.

This garment is a man’s best friend. Women consider them sensual and they look appealing on the body of any well-built man. In that case, when out there in the mall shopping for your jockstrap, you must settle down for one lavish and serene jockstrap that will never disappoint.

  1. Go to a physical store

Jockstraps majorly come pre-fitted in most sporting garments. This means that if you go to the mall to buy your jockstrap, head to the athletics section. A physical store has more advantage when choosing a garment because;

  • You will be able to evaluate the size and fabric of your jockstrap physically. The fact that this garment is meant to cradle up your groin, ensuring that the garment you choose is well fitting and comfortable are a major key.
  • When you choose a physical store you will be able to ask questions from the attendants more about the jockstrap you want to purchase. This will ensure that you get the best garment as you leave the mall.

However, there are a few people who feel embarrassed to buy undergarments in a mall. This is why the online selling platforms were designed in the first place.

  1. Find a wide variety Online

I must agree that online shopping has and never will be easy. This is because for you to lay your hands on the exact garment you need can be quite hectic. You have to be specific about your measurements. Otherwise, you will get an oversize or undersize garment. All in all, with online shopping, there is a very wide variety of jockstraps to choose from despite your desires. There will always be something for you at the click of your computer.

  1. Material selection

Jockstraps are like underwear and for you to be comfortable in this kind of fashion for either sports or even for your daily outfit, you must be keen about the material you select. Cotton or a blend of cotton is known to be the most appropriate material for such garments.

All in all, there are better ones like the rayon or spandex that keep your skin dry by wicking off any moisture on your body to the outer layer of the jockstrap. More to that, they are well ventilated making it convenient to participate in high-energy activities with ease.

Initially, the jockstraps were made from perforated steel which although offered protection, were ultimately uncomfortable. With technological advancements, lightweight cups have been invented. They are made from plastic but fitted with steel shields. They feature tough polymers of the carbon fibre. These materials are great because they act as shock absorbers.

  1. Look for fashionable Jockstraps

A little blend of fashion combined with that comfortable any day-jockstrap is every man’s dream. To find a fashionable yet the right type of jockstrap is always hard. However, you can always look a little harder. There is always something good for you. Just tap into it! Some of the considerations when selecting the right jockstrap may include;

  • Colour blend. Unlike the sporty Jockstraps, the fashionable ones come in a wide variety of colours. The default colours are usually solid, black or white. A little colour blend is always fun and worth trying. Do not shy away from experimenting here and there. You might actually get surprised how good you may look in those rainbow colours. 
  • The diversity that comes with everyone’s taste is actually the whole beauty of it. You may be intrigued by the boxer shorts-esque designs but your friend may like it the scanty-thong briefs way. Its upon you to choose the design that pleases you. 
  • The Pouch type. From the outward appearance, the pouch of the jockstraps may look obvious and identical. Be keen, this is not always the case in all jockstraps. Each design of the pouch aims at fulfilling certain needs. It may be the users comfort or even the presentation of the whole package. The few that may be available in the market are; original, contour or the snug. 
  1. Know your size.

Normally, the size range listed on the jockstrap will majorly concentrate on the waistband size. When it comes to the cap it may be listed separately on the whole packaging bag. All in all, the concern is the same when looking for the best-fitting jockstrap. The cap should be big enough to accommodate your genitals comfortably and cover them completely.

On the other hand, the straps fitted on the legs should be tight to ensure that the jockstrap does not twist and rotate around your waistline. This will always make sure that the garment is always centrally placed to offer comfort and ideal groin security.

  • Small sizes range from 20 to 26 in (50.8 and 66 cm).
  • Medium sizes range from 26 to 32 in (66 and 81.3 cm).
  • Large sizes range from 32 to 38 in (81.3 and 96.5 cm).
  • XL sizes range from 38 to 44 in (96.5 and 111.8 cm).
  • The cups generally come in different sizes depending with age.

Peewee (5-7 years)

-Youth (8-12 years)

– Teen (13-15 years)

-Adult (16 years and above)

  1. Substitute those jockstraps for the athletic briefs

The anatomy of everyone’s body is designed differently. This means that the jockstrap maybe comfortable on other people and uncomfortable with others. This being the case, you can always opt for those athletic briefs in place of the jockstraps.

The briefs come in the regular underwear design meaning that they will be more convenient to most people. However, this calls for one to be keen and look for a brief that can accommodate the groin protective cups which may be uncommon in them.

  1. Consider the weather conditions

It is important to know that weather and material come hand in a hand. If you haven’t had a long day, try disobeying the weather patterns. You will be uncomfortable, may get rashes or worse infections. Woollen Jockstraps would do best during winter while during summer you may consider cotton. In case your body is compatible with the other materials too like the nylon, polyester and polyimide, they might be a good option too.

Now that you have the outline of how to choose the best jockstrap, you need to be knowledgeable about how to determine the cup to use. This is because the kind of activity you are engaging in is the whole determiner.

Determining whether to incorporate the cup or not

  1. Intensive activities

Depending on the intensity of the activities you are engaging in, you should choose whether or not to wear a cup. The Cups cause unusual heat and sometimes they can be uneasily bulky. This happens if the activities you are participating in require a lot of energy.

They may include; running, basketball, rollerblading, skating among other aerobics sports. Such activities require one to wear the jock without the cup. However, titanium cups are the best ones for this category if you must use one.

  1. Projectile balling activities

Some activities like the projectiles may require a certain level of speed. Such high levels of speed may cause harm to your genitals if they are not held together closely. Therefore, when participating in the following sports, you may opt for the cup;

  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  1. Choosing the cup’s style

Cups can either come in plastic or metal. Such may have small holes at the cup material to enhance the general ventilation. In cases where you are indulging in those low contact activities, you may opt for the soft or flex cups which are more comfortable and flexible. The style of the cups however depends majorly on the jockstrap you buy. There are two major types of jockstrap cups. They include;

  1. The traditional cup. This one takes the shape of an upside pear. It has a plastic cover that is hollow. This kind of a cup is ideal for most genital shapes and sizes.
  2. The banana cup. The up and down shape is longer than that of the traditional one. This is for the genitals that are longer than average size.

Today, most cups have been fitted with gel pads surrounding on the edges. This prevents the polymers from digging in to the skin of the player. These paddings aim at providing ultimate protection against irritation and chaffing during the activities.

To sum it up, always check if your cup is washable. This will help you maintain high hygiene levels because you will not be compelled to wear sweaty jockstraps and cups.

How to improve the genital comfort, protection and support?

  1. The undergarments

For more support, you should wear many layers of the undergarments. This is usually common especially with the athletes to offer the extra necessary support their genitals may need.

  • They prefer adding a pair of compression shorts to the jockstraps and cup. The compression shorts are form-fitting shorts that are extremely comfortable. They have one front pocket for holding the athletic cup firmly.
  • In other times, they wear a pair of snugs accompanied by athletic briefs or trunks beneath the jockstrap.
  • Impact shorts are also popular for providing extra support. They have pockets for the cup as well as some for hip and thigh guards. They are common among rugby and hockey players. Considered the most protective supporters.
  1. Choose the right size for kids

Younger kids who have not yet made it to puberty will definitely need a smaller space in their protective cup. Considering a narrower cup will be more efficient for them. This is because it will be less bulky hence will reduce chances of cloth irritation that the kids are prone to.

  1. Choose sport specific Jockstraps

The jockstraps for each sport are not always the same. This is because each sport calls for uniquely designed jocks. The most common ones include;

  • Hockey jocks. They are warm and offers extra protection to the players. They have uniquely designed clips that hold together the jocks and the socks to help keep the gear tight enough to your body.
  • Swim jocks. The waistband of these jocks are narrower than those of the traditional jocks.
  • Windproof Jockstraps. They come in additional layers of fabric to protect the player from the wind and extreme cold during the winter sports like ice-skating.

Penis care when using the Jockstraps

When using tight fitting garments like the jockstraps, a man may experience penis pain due to excessive chaffing. Therefore, after a long day of play, it is advisable to wash the genital area thoroughly. You should use mild oil while massaging the penis and the testicles in order to enhance proper blood circulation.

There are some oils that can help you fight against the peripheral nerve damage and free radicals. They include; oils with Vitamin D, C and the B5 which have healing properties. The oils with alpha-lipoic oils as well as L-carnitine are essential in ensuring that your penis is healthy.

In conclusion, I hope that this guideline will helpful the next time you go out to the mall to purchase your jockstraps and cups. Be sure to make a good choice with all factors in consideration. You don’t want to tamper with the functioning of your manhood. What are you waiting for? Let’s go out and get you a classy but well-designed jockstrap and cup for your sporting activities and casual wear.